Exploring Resources

There's lots to explore on San Francisco Bay, from historic sites to abundant natural beauty. These resources will help you find the best places to go.


San Francisco Bay is a beautiful place to cruise, but you need to be aware of currents and weather conditions. These resources will help you have the best experience.

  • Baja Ha-Ha -- Cruiser's Rally to Mexico
    Annual "not quite a race" from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas; loosely affiliated with Latitude 38.
  • California Delta Chambers
    The best source for information about the Delta. Originally created by the late Hal Schell, who was for decades the Delta's most prolific and inspiring writer.
  • Delta Recreation
    Directory of boating facilities on the delta, with charts showing the location of each.
  • SacDelta.com
    "The Interactive Guide to the San Joaquin Delta" lists marinas, restaurants, and other facilities.


Navigation on San Francisco Bay is mostly line-of-sight. There are a few rocks to watch out for, and currents require careful consideration. (See also our San Francisco Bay Weather links.)


Once you step off land onto a boat and head out onto the bay, you're in a world dominated by nature, instead of the man-made. Enjoy the beauty of the Islands, birds, seals, sea lions, and more.

  • Mapping the Floor of San Francisco Bay
    The U.S. Geological Survey has created a detailed map of the bay as part of the report "Shifting Shoals and Shattered Rocks: How Man Has Transformed the Floor of West-Central San Francisco Bay.


There's several big boating events on San Francisco Bay every year: the first day of "yachting season", the fourth of July, and Fleet Week. Some years, there also Tall Ships events and other interesting visitors.

  • Fleet Week
    Annual visit of Navy ships in the bay. Parade of ships on Saturday, and air show Saturday and Sunday. Some ships also open for visiting.
  • Latitude 38 Calendar of Events
    Extensive listing of sailboat races and other boating events.
  • San Franciso International Dragon Boat Festival
    Dragon boats are a traditional Chinese rowing craft, like a large canoe with a dragon carved in the bow and a tail at the stern. They are paddled by teams of 16 to 24 people. Dragon boat racing is a fascinating spectator sport, and the annual race on San Francisco Bay provides a great opportunity to see it.


There's lots to do along the shores of San Francisco Bay, from waterfront parks and shoreline trails to maritime museums and public piers.

  • Angel Island Bike Rentals
    Rent bikes to tour Angel Island. You can also rent electric scooters and Segways. Services are seasonal and have limited days and hours.
  • Angel Island Tram Tours
    Take a narrated tram tour of Angel Island for great views and a history lesson. You can get off at several stops and wait for another tram, so you can explore by foot as well.